While watching Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine I notice that the majority of the film is focusing on gun control from a liberal perspective. Mr. Moore uses sarcasm and humor to show the audience that gun control is not only a good idea, but a necessity. He began the movie by showing a bank that gave away guns with a new bank account. This was a form of irony that he used. Very clever if I may add.

The problem I have, however, is not with his stance on gun control, but his thoughts on why violence is caused. He spoke of all the ideas of why violence occurs in school, in the country, and throughout the world. Some say video games, others say media, and other political influences. In reality, I know that violence in America is caused by the lack of supervision as a child. I place the blame on both the parents and the children. Not the president, not Marylin Manson, and not the new Grand Theft Auto video game. It’s a lack of discipline that people recieve as children tied in with psychological and social problems that some people aquire throughout their lives. If ignored, these problems turn from personal problems, to massive issues that wind up involving tons of innocent people. It’s the parents fault, they need to learn to recognize issues in their own children before tackeling the bigger issue of restricting gun use for everybody.


Too Much Negativity

I’ve realized afer a few weeks of writing the “Opinion of the Week” post that all of my opinions are my pet peeves or things that bother me. So this week I decided to have an opinion about something that I like. One of my favorite sights is seeing an elderly couple walking down the street holding hands. This to me is one of the greatest sights possible because it shows that these two people have shared most of their lives together and are still happy and in love. It’s something that can give us all hope for the future. It’s almost like God has placed people like this in the our view just as a glimmer of hope. Elderly people can be so cute and I love seeing them happy. Just a thought.

List of 10 favorite Websites

It seems to me that mostly what the internet is used for today is entertainment. As much as I like to check my facebook and play games on addictinggames.com, I try to use it mostly for research and information. So here are my favorite websites…

1. Facebook

2. Myspace
3. Google

4. Wikipedia

5. Weather.com

6. Yahoo

7. NMU

8. PostSecret

9. Youtube

My Pet Peeves

I have many pet peeves but there are a few that I will go out of my way to correct. I’m  apretty easy going person but I do have things that bother me and I definitely respect other people’s pet peeves.

1. Disrespecting the president, no matter who he is

2. Misspelling your, you’re and their, there, and they’re

3. Calling proffesors “profs”

4. Ending every sentance with “what not” and “and that”

5. People who smoke while driving

6. Texting at dinner

7. When you’re walking and the person in front of you randomly stops, causing you to run into them

8. People who will take a drink out of your cup without asking

9. Whispering/ telling secrets in groups of people

10. When someone calls you and then they immediately say, “oh hang on”

Though I was personally dissapointed when I witnessed the election results last night, I want to congradulate both Barack Obama for an “impressive victory” and John McCain, for a campaign well fought. Being a conservative thinker, I am very skeptical of liberal views and ideas. For instance, I do not like the idea of taking “God” out of our country, off money, and out of our Pledge of Alledgience. Something I feel like liberal thinkers do not understand is that this country’s constitution was build on God and religious views. That’s not to say that American citizens can’t practice any religion they choose, but rather to repect tradition and the ideas of our forefathers who created this incredible nation for us.

On another note, I am pleased to hear that the rest of the world is finally getting their act together and showing us a little respect. I read polls taken by other countries and an overwhelming amount agreed that they would like to see Obama be our next president. Since he has lived in other countries around the world, and graduated from Harvard Law School I have confidence in his abilities to communicate and negotiate with other countries. It does however concern me that he is such a young man. He was born in 1961 and is a mere 47 years old. While he thrives in political experience and has a wonderful education, he is lacking life experience. Experience only age can bring.

Born in 1936, John McCain is 72 years old and has a lifetime of knowledge. Being a graduate from the US Naval Academy, and prisinor of war in Vietnam, he has proven his patriotism over and over again. McCain has been in rehabilitation for wartime injuries, and had several other accomplishments. I would have been extremely proud to have John McCain as my president.

Politically we are a liberal nation now. I am glad that we still have conservatives in the senate, they can hopefully keep the traditional and moral aspects of America alive. Globally we are already changing as a nation and gaining valuable respect from other nations. And personally I will respect Barack Obama as my president, along with enduring the heckle from my liberal friends. Obama is obviously qualified and I wish him well in his four years serving as our president.

Debate Topics

I love debating and watching debates. It’s interesting to me the psychology that is used in debates and I love it when the debators get really into their topics. Anyways, my top ten topics to debate are…

1. Year Round vs. Traditional Schooling

2. The separation of church and state

3. Why Walmart is bad for America

4. Politics

5. Evolution

6. National Healthcare

7. Saving the Canadian Harp Seals

8. Abortion

9. Illegal immigration

10. The war

Respect Our Leaders

How does this look to other nations?

Have you ever seen those pictures on the internet of George Bush morphed into a monkey? Ever seen one of those calendars filled with “Bushisms” AKA “stupid” things that President Bush has said? Have you ever caught a campaign commercial bashing the incumbant’s ideas or even throwing punches at their lifestyle?? Everybody has had a taste of this at some point in their lifetime. This is a horrible habit for America to get into. Instead of defending our leaders and coming together as one United Nation as we should be, we are torn into halves. Republicans and Democrats. I think that Americans have too much freedom of speech. Just think, what is it saying to other countries when we can’t even stick together as a country and at least respect our leaders. It takes a lot of hard work to become the president of the United States, and it takes even more work once they’re in office. Can you imagine being president? What I’m saying is that our president, no matter who he or she may be needs and deserves respect.